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Detergents from Spraymart

 Spraymart, the largest supplier of pressure washer parts and accessories, has a full line of Legacy branded detergents specifically designed for use with high-pressure washers.
The Legacy industrial-strength detergents are concentrated, and deliver a powerful cleaning ability, capable of tackling the toughest cleaning jobs. Legacy detergents are biodegradable and are available in 5 or 55-gallon drums. Legacy ready-to-use detergents work well with either hot or cold water and are available in 10 varieties:
  • General Purpose Cleaner – a concentrated all-purpose detergent
  • Heavy-Duty Vehicle Cleaner – a concentrated super-duty vehicle cleaner
  • Heavy-Duty Degreaser – a concentrated butyl-based detergent for the toughest cleaning jobs
  • Grease-Away Degreaser & Cleaner – a concentrated multi-purpose detergent for removing grease & oil
  • Aluminum Brightener – a concentrated super-strength detergent for effective cleaning of aluminum surfaces
Legacy also offers a product for removing scale and rust in pressure washer heating coils called Scale-Out Coil Cleaner. This adds life to the pressure washer and makes for more effective cleaning.