Stackable Hose Reels

Stackable hose reels are built specifically for contractors who require some flexibility on a job site.   They are ideal for stacking reels on a trailer, as the integrated frame protects the hose, and is ready to stack out of the box, saving time and money.   Stackable reels are supported on both sides of the central hub to accommodate more aggressive applications. Each of our selection of stackable hose reels is engineered for extreme, heavy duty usage and can be stacked up to three high. Our Legacy brand of hose reels are constructed of heavy duty, powder coated steel or stainless steel that features a premium swivel that is rated for 6,000 PSI and 350° F. Quality swivel features a 3-piece seal (O-Ring, Teflon Ring and backup ring). The Teflon releases graphite as it wears, acting as a dry lubricant, greatly reducing friction and increasing swivel life! There are large or small options available that can accommodate either 100 foot or 200 foot hose lengths.