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Legacy Under Carriage Washer

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The 8.749-303.0 is one of our popular accessories for our pressure washers. Brought to you by Legacy, the undercarriage cleaner is an ideal way to clean under cars and trucks as well as heavy equipment. Crawling under a vehicle is a thing of the past as the Cleaner is easy to handle and maneuver. Simply connect a hose to your hot or cold pressure washer, and connect that hose to the Undercarriage Washer. There are four nozzles on the unit, (2) 0° #2.0 and (2) 25° #2.0
  • Removes road grime, fuel and oil contaminants
  • Removes snow sludge and ice
  • Provides a clean working environment for technicians
  • Stainless-steel rotating assembly built to withstand pressures up to 4,000 PSI and 250° F
  • 5-1/2" required clearance
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Additional Information

Cross Reference Skus
  • 87493030
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