In the high pressure washer industry, proper hose care and maintenance is not only essential for full service life, it is also necessary to ensure the safety of any washer operator. A hose blow-out doesn’t just mean an extra mess to clean up or a new hose to buy. During a blow-out, high pressure water, in many cases at high temperature, escapes from the hose and can possibly injure the operator or anyone nearby. This added safety concern is why it is of the utmost importance to know when a hose should go.

In the high pressure washer industry, the hose is one of the most abused pieces of equipment. One reason for this, is that the hose is deceptively simple, and many operators erroneously feel that it can withstand various kinds of inappropriate treatment. However, the hoses made for the high pressure washer industry are complex enough to warrant more care. After all, you wouldn’t run over your electric pump, would you?